Dec 14

Steam OS Release

Steam OS limited Release

Finally SteamOS beta has been released to the public along with the initiation of its beta testing program…well kind of. It will put only 300 prototype Steam OS Machines into action for the test. For the rest of us not selected for that program, the new free Linux-based OS is still doable, though installing it may require some effort. We suggest you wait until next year unless you a genius Linux hacker.

Currently, it’s not yet officially announced that SteamOS Alchemist is available for downloading. However, the page is currently up at ! Steam Universe group officer John Vert, has confirmed that the correct download link is at

It could be, however that download will fail, but to get it out there Steamdb created an unofficial torrent. Just make sure you download from a reputable source and verify that your download is genuine. You should be able to find system requirements and install instructions in the official FAQ. Also note that AMD graphics cards aren’t currently being supported.

Steam OS is meant to be Steam’s game library from the desktop, which extends Valve’s domain to the home with a superior PC experience and some extra features that have become standard on most consoles. Steam OS is also about becoming separate and free from Microsoft, ie Steam OS only runs games with Linux support. Many folk will be testing SteamOS over the coming weks and impressions and installation tips will be available shortly. If you’re patient, Valve’s Steam Controller and third-party Steam Machines should be available in the foreseeable future and hopefully Linux hacking is necessary.

Oct 17

Steam OS Download

Download SteamOS
Valve has announced SteamOS. It’s their own Linux distribution and is downloadable for free!

You can install it on an old PC (Not too old, you want it to be speedy!), throw it in your living room and shoot it to your TV!

When it is available, we’ll post up links/mirrors. In the mean time, you can read more about the Steam OS here.